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You can get all the credit card offers around you, by your location. So just open Mynt and save on your daily expenses

Offers by Location

Get offers going on at your location anywhere across the globe. So start saving on your daily expenses using Mynt.

All Your Cards in one location

Stop worrying about memorising different card details. All cards in one place

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Don’t have a Credit Card and missing out on the offers? Just apply for a new card at your preferred bankin minutes

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Get reward points just for signing up. More can be redeemed by use of the app. Pay less for anything you buy!

Resturant and Airport Lounges

Dining and Traveling frequently? Now get offers at airport lounges and restaurants at affordable rate.

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Enjoy Domestic and International offers anywhere across the globe.

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We update our database every hour, so you can get to know about all the latest offers in our app.

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Why Choose Mynt ?

    Here at Mynt we cater to that exact need of people. In the Mynt app you will find all credit card offers available at various sectors like Travel, Food, Entertainment, Shopping and many more. The offers are further categorised as per location to save you the hassle of scrolling through multiple offers.

    So, what are you waiting for, Download the Mynt application and start a journey with us to save money in a more optimised and scientific way.


Need for Credit?

  • “If you don't take good care of your credit, then your credit won't take good care of you.” -Tyler Gregory.
  • Imagine a situation where you are buying something but don`t want to pay with your money for some reasons. That`s where a credit card comes to use, by using your credit card you let your bank pay for that product/service.
  • Do you know, with your credit card comes loads of offers and discounts, which can save you tons of money just by availing the offers in a right way. But having a hard time finding them?
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Awesome App!

As if credit cards don't give you enough rewards, we have Mynt which gives rewards on top of that. These points can be used for various stores. Must have app for credit card holders.

Satyabrata Pal

Loved the idea

I have no idea why people are cribbling so much. The app is great, payment happen within seconds, and love the rewarding system

Partha S Ghosh

Super Support!

Minutes into installing you notice how well this thing is made. This is just brilliant for card payments even without the goodies

Madhab C Poulik

Frequently Asked Questions

Our customer support team is among the best in the world.

Advantages to online shopping with a credit card over a debit card usually include more purchase protection along with additional warranties and rewards. Not all cards are created equal, but many of the top credit cards offer benefits such as purchase protection, extended warranties, return guarantees, and rewards programs.

The most significant difference has to do with fraud. If someone makes fraudulent charges with your debit card, the money comes directly out of your bank account. Even if you are able to get a refund, it can take weeks or months to get that money back. With a credit card, you can dispute the charges and the funds never leave your account.

There are plenty of options on the market for people with limited credit history. Shop around to find the card with the lowest APR and fees you can qualify for. If you are having trouble being approved for cards, consider a secured credit card that requires a security deposit or ask a parent to add you as an authorized user on his or her card.

The points earned via referral or by shopping can be used within the app for any purchase. During any payment apply voucher codes or go for redeem points to avail the special offers

We have partners throughout the world, if you cards which are valid in that particular country you will automatically get offers corresponding to that card.